The benefits of adding the dimension of ‘power’ measurement to your training methods include the following:

1. Power is OBJECTIVE: Other training methods are subject to a multitude of variables such as weather conditions, terrain, rider fitness level, sleep & fatigue to name a few. With MPC and a power meter you can strip away the difficult-to-measure impact of these kinds of variables.

2. Power is CONTROL: Instantaneous data output means you will be more effective at targeting the specific physiological adaptations to achieving your targeted racing or training goal(s). With MPC at your side, you get instant, objective, performance feedback, which allows you to manage your training and racing more effectively. With MPC, you stay in control.

3. Power is KNOWLEDGE: MPC will help you interpret the wealth of data that your power meter provides, and determine your progress on every ride or race and over the course of weeks, months and years.  The data enables MPC to tailor and adjust training programmes and workouts based on your individual response to training stimuli.

For each ride, a power meter provides power measurement as well as a wealth of other data on speed, cadence, HR and more. With this other data factored in with your power data a whole new dimension of training knowledge is available to you. MPC gives you a full analysis of your power output relative to all other factors. With this information on hand, you can specifically:

  • Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Improve your workouts.
  • Identify the  decisive moments of a ride.
  • Better determine your nutritional requirements (during and outside of rides).

4. Power is TIME: MPC helps you to manage your training time more effectively.  Riders with limited time will now be able to attain a greater level of performance by training with power.

5. Power is PRECISION: When you add power measurement to your training regime, MPC will assist you accurately establish your critical training levels and reset them as your fitness changes. As well, you can test your technology and position for aerodynamic efficiency.


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